Depa 102

We are a multidisciplinary office specialized in interior architecture, recognized by our scenographic ability to dramatize spaces. We are inspired by our clients dreams and we like to materialized them with the highest quality and attention to detail, always respecting their budget and needs. 

Our connection with artist all around the world provide us a sharp aptitude to curate artwork and integrate them into the created spaces. 

We have won important competitions, including the one called by Fonatour for conceptualization, design and execution of the Villas Presidenciales and the one from Unilever for the design and building of Boutique Chocolatier for Magnum.

Many of our projects have appeared not only in outstanding internationals publications in the interiorism scene, such as AD and Habitat, but also in the most important newspapers of national circulation and important lifestyle magazines.



Graduated from the Parisian College ESMOD, she gets a degree in fashion design where she specializes in opera wardrobe. Subsequently begins her career as interiorist diversifying her signature in cities such as: Hong Kong, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Miami, San Diego, New York, Madrid and Mexico. 
For her each space is a scenario, the elements she integrates in the design are the wardrobe, then the conjunction of the elements tell a story, they integrate and have a protagonism in the space. Her closeness with opera and the art world have allowed her to develop a clinic eye to select artists and unique pieces that provides its own personality to each space.

 As founder of DEPA 102, Jennifer Andreu specializes in the development of  high rank residential projects, as well as the creation of commercial interiors such as: Presidency of the Mexican Republic, St. Regis Hotel, La Table Krug, Real State Developer Anida / BBVA, Grupo Estoril, Unilever, among many others. Due to her contact with galleries and artists around the world, she offers her clients a fine art selection for their spaces. She has also dabbled in developing design and manufacture of furniture. 
Her projects have appeared in some of the most celebrated  publications and publishing houses in the industry, such as: Architectural Digest, Habitat, Mundo Ejecutivo, Grupo Expansión and Editorial Televisa. In addition she is currently in force in some media with journalistic contributions about the interior design world.


Yorgos A. Scarpidis & Depa 102

Coming from Greece, he is our commercial ally in New York, graduated with honors from the Pratt Institute, where he studied the different aspects that compose the design, he is currently one of the most wanted designers. Collaborates with us for invitation in some key projects, more ambitious and of international stature

Currently leads Scarpidis Design, a multidisciplinary design office based located in New York. He is recognized for several artworks  such as Safra Synagogue, Divan Hotel in Istanbul and Ritz Hotel of Paris, projects that he developed while he was working for Thierry W. Despont. His office received one of ten honorable mentions in the 2013 Venice Biennale, from among 5000 submissions, for Dissonance dell’Aqua, a floating pavilion that incorporates a museum, a gallery and a library.


Arturo Chávez & Depa 102

He is our partner in the development of new real estate projects. He is founding partner of OIK Arquitectura, one of the most recognized architecture firms in the development of integral projects in the commercial and residential realm, it was the assigned group by Mazda Motors of Mexico for the development  of all their automotive agencies. Arturo Chávez also has been planner for more than seven expositions in the Museo Nacional de Arte.