To develop the interior design of the Villas Presidenciales, Fonatur convened a tender where 47 of the best architecture firms in Mexico participated. Subsequently seven were chosen and, among them, Felipe Calderón selected DEPA 102 as the firm responsible of the project. Therefore, DEPA 102 was in charge not only of the interior design but also of the supervision of the architecture executive project. It was a big challenge because, additionally to the required level of demand and quality, all the material had to be biodegradable, organic and stem from sustainable enterprises with zero impact with the environment. This is why the complex interiorism has its axis in environmental and ecological consciousness, beside the luxury and comfort. The cabins integrate harmonically to nature with materials and colors related to the flora of Yucatan Peninsula, which achieves a natural balance by contrasting with the caribean sea blue, organic fibers, wood, stones like onix and macedonia, earth colors in their distinctive tonalities, are just some of the elements that embrace the cabins.


In exteriors, as compliment to the garden green spaces, wood and rattan predominate, along with upholstery in white  and decorative elements in indigo blue. A variety of pallets, deck chairs and hammocks create diverse spaces for relaxation and rest,  a gathering and entertainment. The kitchen is semi industrial, floors and walls have a finished in macedonia, this regional material resist any use and its neutral color matches with different styles. The natural inputs, such as organic and stony materials, remit to the ones used by mayans in prehispanic times. For its part, the dining room is formed by two twin tables with a pedestal and a wood structurel in rough finish, an onix cover and a tropical wood buffet, which structure additionally has pots with plants that create a pleasant interior garden. 

The living room is a cosy and fresh space. The main couch is comfortable and of great capacity, complemented by decorative cushions  with elements in turquoise that remind the unique color of the caribbean sea. The coffee table is an stunishing piece of natural wood with a rough finish. The shape of the bookcase evoke the mayan snake that runs through the pyramids. Another element that stands out is the mayan stone bar with wood cover. 

The main bedroom is characterized by its sobriety, elegance and wide space due to its different areas. The rest zone, a king size bed with a headboard that separates the desk from the bed, and rough wood footboard. The work zone is the wood desk in the rear part of the bed and the bookcases in the rear wall. The last area is a private living room with a loveseat and two couches,  side tables and corner furniture for the TV.

The guest room are cosy, both have two queen size beds with mosquito nets, characteristic of  ecological environments, and a tiny living room with two contemporary individual couches and treated wood trunk side tables. The materials and textures of the three bedrooms are of raffia and wood, with mats of organic fibers and cushions in linen fabrics. The decorative cushions in the guest bedroom have beautiful artisan embroidery.  

The bathroom’s walls and floors have a macedonian stone finished, in the showers we can find river stone mats. All the employed elements are regional and organic consequently they transmit an ecological message. 


As a compliment to the interior design, we made a careful selection of handcrafts that reunite representative elements of each State so Presidents that visit this space have the experience of seeing the wide artistic richness of Mexico in just one place.

Without a doubt Villas Presidenciales is one of the projects that we feel most proud of because the result is an example of how luxury and comfort can be combined with the  cultural and materials wealth that exist in our country, all with a strict respect for nature while doing this luxury complex.   


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