Jennifer y Philippe Starck

Sometime, during the Cassina release at Piacer México showroom, we had a conversation with the iconic french designer Philippe Starck. A casual chat, in his native language, as old friends do, revealed a man wich humanist vision is the foundation of his creative drive. 

A life disconnected from the news, radio or television, Starck is solely devoted to work, and when he is not, he dedicates his hours to what fulfil him: make love to his wife. “To evolve is our responsibility inhabiting this world and this is only accomplished through work” Starck confirms.

He carries himself smoothly before the guests,  has a very sharp sense of humour; as a good french,  he has no inhibitions as a converser and is very irreverent. There’s no doubt the tone and topic  of the conversation is dictated by his vision as a person, the point of view of the man more than his creations. I percibe Starck as a visual preacher, he describes himself as an essentially political being. In any case these two characteristics are facets of his anarchic spirit, the one that inspires his creations by the implications of the human footprint.

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Environmental tragedies, contemporary mutations, fantastic new organic forms, his determination to change the world, his desire to advocate for the intelligence of utility and the utility of intelligence make him a contemporary philosopher that express himself through the  form.

Is inspiring to listen to him, to reflect about the prelude of his designs, what happens in his mind before he starts to design? His answer are more questions: who will use it?, What’s the roll in that person’s life?,  In what kind of society does he live? And finally, what kind of civilization created that society?  

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Conscious that the history of humankind is formed by all of us with our hands, our words and our actions, he is an activist which his raw material is the heart. This conducts him to a democratic conception of design, with ecological implications. “The more you elevate your vision, the more important you are for the society” For him, we all need to have a wide vision of the world to act as one race with common goals and, therefore, give and receive from others. “No one is obligated to be a genius, but everyone has to participate” declares with a huge smile  while finishing our conversation.


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